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IrssiNotifier for Weechat

A while ago, I found out about IrssiNotifier, a handy little Android app written by Lauri Härsilä. It uses Android’s built-in client-to-device notification system (C2DM) to send notifications of IRC highlights from irssi to your Android phone. Being an avid user of both IRC and Android, I was interested by this project. However, I don’t use irssi any more and have changed to Weechat instead.

This presented me with a bit of a problem. Never one to shy away from these, though, I broke out my limited Perl skills and rewrote the script to hook into weechat instead. After an evening of working and testing, I was happy enough with the results to call it done and move on.

I did email murgo, the author of the app, to ask whether he’d consider including my weechat version of the script on his website, but he never got back to me. As this was a few months ago now, I figure it’ll be fine if I fork his repository and put it on Github instead.

You can find the repo including the weechat version of the script here -

I’m vaguely proud of this because it’s the first real project I’ve committed to Github, which seems like something of a rite of passage for a sysadmin/developer. It’s a bit messy as I’m still learning exactly how to use Git properly, but it’s a start.